Immunizations, Flu Shots, and Blood Test Services

Immunizations, Blood Tests, and Flu Shots help prevent illnesses and ensure that your child stays healthy.  At Prince William Pediatrics and Adolescent Center in Woodbridge, VA, we understand that injections with needles can cause children to feel anxious or scared.  Our pediatricians are experts at helping you keep your child calm so that shots can be delivered safely in our comfortable, child-friendly environment.

Common Injection-Based Services Involving Needles

Blood Tests

Blood tests are generally performed to ensure that your child is free from disease, has properly functioning organs, and has the optimal balance of nutrients, minerals, cell types, and other factors that make up blood. Blood tests may be performed to diagnose illnesses, determine the cause of certain symptoms, and/or to ensure that your child is developing normally.

Flu Shot

The flu shot is recommended annually to help prevent your child from getting the flu during flu season.  Studies show that the flu shot reduces both the severity of illness and the overall risk of infection from the flu.  It has been demonstrated that the flu shot reduces the risk of children requiring hospitalization due to the flu, and it can even be life-saving.


Maintaining up-to-date immunizations can best protect your child from preventable diseases, especially as they explore the world and interact with more and more people in daycare, schools, and other facilities.  The most common immunizations are designed to prevent diseases such as:

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