Asthma Evaluation with Pulmonary Function Tests

Asthma is a common disease but can have a great impact on childhood if not managed properly.  Our providers at Prince William Pediatric and Adolescent Center are experts at helping children suffering from asthma by maximizing their quality of life and enabling them to breathe easier using a variety of approaches customized to your child’s specific clinical needs.  

Managing a child’s asthma involves our clinical team educating our patient’s parents with regard to their specific asthma triggers in conjunction with developing a customized treatment plan.  We take the time to understand your child’s specific symptoms, their causes and exacerbations, and their historical recurrences so to best devise a treatment plan for your child.  

We will perform pulmonary function tests to best understand your child’s lung function and the nature of their asthma as needed.  We will set regularly scheduled appointments to best understand the trajectory of your child’s asthma, and determine the best course of treatment, prescription of inhalers and medications, and intervention as deemed necessary so as to maximize your child’s ability to breathe and enhance their overall quality of life.  When appropriate, we will consult with other specialists in the community to create a multi-disciplinary team approach that will collectively help your child manage and treat their asthma. 

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Your child’s treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.